Parking at St John's

Visitors to St John's can find parking on the street, which is free on Sundays and after 5.30 pm weekdays, the Lot right next door at 140 Somerset is free on Sunday mornings for people attending St John's, or you can usually find parking in nearby Public Lots.

The underground parking lots at City Hall (110 Laurier Ave West) is often only $1 or $2 on the weekends and are a pleasant 3-block walk to St John's.

For Parish Volunteers: on the Somerset Street side there are 2 "open" spots on a first come first served basis available for volunteers.  Note that the spot under the Rector's office window is often filled with snow during the winter months. On the Elgin Street side, there are two more spots. If the odd time you find you must pay for parking when volunteering at St John's and you would like to be reimbursed for your parking, simply leave your receipt at the church office and we'll cover that for you. We ♥ our volunteers!!!