St John’s gathered for worship online during the pandemic. Our format for online services evolved as you will see from the links below.

We began with worship services pre-recorded in the church and released on YouTube. As the lockdown restrictions increased, we moved to a video bringing together edited segments (readings, prayers, hymns) recorded in people’s homes. Our worship video was released as a “premiere” on YouTube, and thereafter watchable at any time. It was followed by a “coffee hour” on Zoom. Gradually, we began to move portions of the liturgy, such as the Prayers of the People, onto Zoom prior to the Coffee Hour. We had brief periods back in the church and when we returned to lockdown, we started having the entire liturgy on Zoom. The service on Zoom was recorded and an edited version was released on YouTube as “Worship Highlights.” These Worship Highlights videos often included beautiful scenes from nature or the church.  

When we were permitted to in-person worship services, many churches continued to offer “hybrid” services including both live streaming and in-person gatherings. At St John’s, we halted online worship to put all our energy into coming back together in person. We have continued to offer occasional videos of community interviews. Many churches have removed their past worship videos – all of ours continue to be available on our YouTube channel to support your personal prayer time.

Thanks for being with us through unusual times. St John’s is Holy Ground – A Safe Space for Searching Souls. Welcome!

The Rev. Canon Gary van der Meer
Pastor & Rector
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