Can you serve on Sundays?

Can you serve on Sundays?

our parishioners help with every Sunday Service

There are many opportunties to be involved in Sunday Services!  Each of these roles has a roster of volunteers who take it in turns to contribute based on their availability. 

Altar Guild - The members of the Altar Guild are parishioners who assist in the physical set-up of the church. They set out the weekly communion supplies (wine, bread, chalices, linens), change the hangings on the high altar through the church seasons, arrange for linens to be cleaned and polish brass and silver hardware. There is also a team of people who organize flowers for the weekly services.  The Altar Guild is always happy to welcome and train new members.

Servers - servers (those who carry the cross and candles in procession and help at the altar during communion). No prior knowledge is required and training will be provided. Parishioners wishing to contribute in a Server role should contact The Rector Beth Bretzlaff for more information.

Readers - At each service the Old Testament and New Testament bible readings are read by Parishioner Volunteer Readers.

IntercessorsAt each service the prayers of the people are written and led by Parishioner Volunteers. If you feel called to this type of role please contact The Rector Beth Bretzlaff for more information.