Second Sunday after the Epiphany

The Collect of the Day

First Reading: 1 Samuel Chapter 3:1-20

The Gospel: John 1:43-51

Sermon: The Rev. Canon Gary van der Meer

Hymn 434 – The Love of Jesus Calls Us (words below)

Prayers of the People: Pray Without Ceasing – Epiphany – Morning Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer (sung)


Hymn 434 – The Love of Jesus Calls Us

The love of Jesus calls us our joyous praise to sing;
Our deeply felt thanksgivings we now together bring,
For all God’s many blessings, unasked yet still received,
And for the generations who faithfully believed.  

The love of Jesus calls us, that we may always be
Companions on a journey, where all the world may see
That serving Christ is freedom which time does not destroy;
Where Christ’s command is duty, and every duty joy.

The love of Jesus calls us to go where he would go,
To challenge all that limits, to change, to learn, to grow,
To know that Christ has freed us, that prisons are no more;
For those who seek his kingdom, Christ opens every door.

The love of Jesus calls us in swiftly changing days,
To be God’s co-creators in new and wondrous ways;
That God with men and women may so transform the earth,
That love and peace and justice may give God’s kingdom birth.